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Abolish ICE!

It's time to end ICE abuse and cruelty once and for all.

AFSC joins with people across the country in calling for the abolition of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)—and we hope you will join us

ICE has a long history of separating families, violating human rights, and terrorizing our communities. It’s time to stop its abuses once and for all. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What you need to know about the call to abolish ICE

The history of ICE, why AFSC is calling for its abolition, and how you can get involved.


The San Diego Union-Tribune

Why ICE agency should be abolished

AFSC's Benjamin Prado on the cruel tactics that ICE uses to terrorize communities and separate families. 

Media Uncovered

Calling to abolish ICE is how we will win

The abolition of ICE is both strategically sound and just radical enough to bring about social change.

Media Uncovered

There’s nothing divisive about keeping families together

 Tips for talking about Abolish ICE.

The Guardian

It's time to abolish ICE. It cannot be reformed

AFSC's Amy Gottlieb on how ICE makes all of us less safe and why it’s time to end its cruelty once and for all.

Counter Punch

Local police shouldn’t collaborate with ICE

AFSC's Chia-Chia Wang writes about one way we can disrupt ICE operations in our communities.

Washington Post

The militarization of immigration enforcement

AFSC's Carly Goodman on how U.S. policy decisions have led to increasingly inhumane treatment of immigrants. 

Religion News Services

Faith-based groups turn up the heat on ICE

AFSC and the Unitarian Universalist Association have joined the growing call to abolish ICE.

Acting in Faith

A Quaker argument for abolishing ICE

AFSC's Lucy Duncan blogs about her "moral prerogative to stand against agencies that cage and abuse fellow humans" and her belief that "none of us is free until we all are."

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Share these Abolish ICE graphics on social media.

Print out posters for your next action. 


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AFSC's Kathryn Johnson explains why we're calling to abolish ICE.

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