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Why Biden's executive orders on migration don't go far enough

Why Biden's Executive Orders on migration don't go far enough


If you live in the U.S., you have probably seen news stories recently about migrants—including migrant children—waiting at the U.S.-Mexico border or crossing into the U.S. to seek asylum, only to be imprisoned while they await a hearing. What you may not know is what those migrants and others like them have faced on their journey—and how changes to U.S. policy in Latin American could make a difference.

In Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala, U.S. policy has historically created or worsened systemic problems. Instead of supporting democracy and economic stability, the U.S. government has financed and trained military and security forces; played a role in fueling civil wars; legitimized governments taking power through coups and electoral fraud; and pursued unjust economic policies. 

The Biden administration has a historic opportunity to make real, structural changes. Take action today, and tell the administration to address root causes and respect the rights of migrants, asylum seekers, and all who need international protection.

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