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Webinars: No Way To Treat A Child

In 2015, AFSC and Defense for Children International-Palestine launched the No Way to Treat a Child campaign to challenge the Israeli occupation of Palestinians by exposing the systematic ill-treatment of Palestinian children in Israeli military detention. Since then, the campaign has mobilized Quakers, other faith communities, and many others across the U.S. to urge Congress to work to stop the detention of Palestinian children and end the occupation. Watch these webinars offered in May, 2020 to learn how you and your congregation can get involved. Find many resources to support your meeting's/congregation's actions here.

In webinar 1: Learn more about the detention of Palestinian children and the significant progress we have made through the No Way to Treat a Child campaign. Find out how congregations can get involved with our Quaker Palestinian Israel Network (QPIN) and support the campaign, including passing resolutions, hosting educational events, and advocating for H.R. 2407, a groundbreaking bill to protect Palestinian human rights.


In webinar 2: Get more information and tools to lobby Congress to pass H.R. 2407.