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Webinar: Quaker Social Change Ministry

Webinar: Quaker Social Change Ministry, Part 1


Quaker Social Change Ministry (QSCM) provides a simple but transformative approach to doing social change work, bringing together small groups of Friends to focus on an issue that connects the congregation, the local community, and AFSC. A Quaker Social Change Ministry group is a place to worship, build trust, take risks, make mistakes, learn together, and deepen the connection between social change and spiritual growth. The model foregrounds spiritual practice and social change work done through the power of accompaniment of those most impacted by the issues. This 2 webinar series shares the model in two parts.


In part 1, Lucy gives an overview of the model and its intentions, then walks participants through the spiritual practice aspects of the model: developing a covenant/shared spiritual agreements, sharing spiritual practice and worship, and centering storytelling as a way to connect with one another and grow as accompaniment practitioners.


In part 2, Lucy shares the principles and praxis of accompaniment, and leads webinar attenders through a series of exercises to explore what effective accompaniment looks like, including how to practice the humility and intentionality required to show up powerfully for others, and she shares the tenets for accompanying for social change.