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Policy in the time of a Pandemic: What happened in 2021?

Policy in the time of a pandemic: What happened in 2021?

Join our policy team of Aura Kanegis, Tori Bateman, Peniel Ibe, Imani Cruz, and Alison Kahn to recap our policy advocacy from 2021! 

Last year, we saw a whirlwind of federal policy action as the Biden administration took office and Congress got to work on COVID-19 relief packages, migration policy, voting rights, police reform legislation, federal spending, the Selective Service, and more.

Together, we review how AFSC and supporters like you engaged in policy work in 2021 and map out where these policy issues stand in 2022. 

Meet new team members, celebrate wins from your efforts and learn how to continue your advocacy for a just and more humane society.

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