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It's time to reopen the U.S. border and reverse Title 42

It's time to reopen the border and reverse Title 42


AFSC's Pedro Rios reports from the U.S. – Mexico border in Tijuana.

At the start of the pandemic, the Trump administration closed the southern border to asylum seekers, deporting many back to dangerous conditions—against the advice of public health experts who found there was no public health justification for the decision.

Since March 2020, the order has resulted in rapid-fire deportations—known as “Title 42 expulsions”—of more than 643,000 people, including children. Today, thousands of migrants are stranded along the Mexican side of the border in makeshift camps and other unsanitary conditions without access to adequate support services, where they face high rates of kidnappings and violence.

Take action today, and tell President Biden: Reopen our borders to asylum seekers and ensure that they can seek safety in the United States!