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Five things you should know about U.S. weapons transfers to Israel

5 things to know about U.S. weapons transfers to Israel


Are you an advocate for peace with Justice in Palestine and Israel?

Watch this short video on U.S. weapons transfers to Israel. We speak with Middle East policy author and analyst Josh Ruebner, who discusses some things you should know in advocating to end U.S. military assistance to Israel. 

Israel is the largest cumulative recipient of U.S. assistance since World War II, giving $236 billion in aid to Israel (adjusted for inflation), Ruebner explains. Every year, Israel receives $3.3 billion in foreign military financing from the U.S. In addition to getting more U.S. taxpayer-funded weapons than all other countries combined, Israel also is singled out for special treatment that makes this allocation even more valuable–it receives its allocation in unique circumstances and is able to spend the allocation on its own weapons industry. 

Ruebner defines some of the terminology used to describe U.S. assistance, such as FMF (foreign military financing) and the “memoranda of understanding” (MOU) that is a long-term presidential pledge of weapons for Israel. He also details the laws that are supposed to protect human rights and regulate U.S. weapons transfers, including the “Foreign Assistance Act,” “Arms Export Control Act,” and “Leahy Laws.”

These weapons help enable the Israeli military to continue its occupation of the Palestinian territory and abuse Palestinian rights, says Ruebner. And we must work to change that. 

Please share this video and learn more about U.S. military assistance and arms transfers to Israel. Then take action to send a message to your members of Congress.

Tell Congress: No more military assistance to Israel!


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For more information on companies that are complicit in Israel’s military occupation: Investigate is a project of the American Friends Service Committee Economic Activism Program. Our research focuses on companies involved in state violence and human rights violations around the world, through incarceration and immigrant detention, military occupation, and the border militarization industries. 

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