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An Introduction to Quaker Testimonies

The American Friends Service Committee welcomes staff, volunteers, partners, and committee members from many different cultures, backgrounds, and traditions into our community. Many newcomers to AFSC are drawn to our commitment to peace and social justice but may not be knowledgeable about the foundations of Quaker faith and practice that guide and infuse our work. In this booklet, we seek to distill and share the Quaker testimonies that underlie both what we do and how we aspire to do it.

We are deeply indebted to the San Francisco Friends School, whose inviting and inspiring Introduction to Quaker Testimonies was a model for this booklet. For each testimony, we provide a brief reflection on how it applies to our work at AFSC, relevant quotations from a broad range of traditions, and queries for further reflection. We hope that these pages will draw us together, embracing the power of these eternal values, as we work to bring peace and harmony to the world and to our own lives.

The Working Group on Quaker Testimonies at AFSC

  • Emily Clarke
  • Shan Cretin
  • Anna Crumley-Effinger
  • Gabriela Flora
  • Tony Heriza
  • Mary Kay Lyman
  • Eisha Mason
  • Michael McConnell
  • Scilla Wahrhaftig
  • Rick Wilson

This book was inspired by a similar booklet created by San Francisco Friends School (which was itself modeled on one from Sidwell Friends School). We wish to thank Catherine Hunter, principal of SFFS, for allowing us to borrow freely from both the content and design of the SFFS booklet.

We also thank the AFSC staff and Board members who contributed to the creation of this resource.

For those interested in further exploration of Quakerism and Quaker values, we suggest visiting the online Quaker Information Center at

Download a copy of this booklet in PDF format.

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