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AFSC Strategic Plan

AFSC Strategic Plan


As we launch our strategic plan for 2020–2030 we find ourselves facing a global pandemic that is raising old questions in new ways. What keeps us safe? How do we build community in fractured societies? Where should we commit our energies to ensure just peace is durable?

The interconnectedness of our world has never been so apparent—nor the urgency to resist the many forces that fuel inequality, oppression, and violence. The widespread response to racial justice realities in the U.S. has also powerfully illuminated the shared histories of the struggles experienced by many around the globe.

This plan builds on our shared vision for the future, promoting coherence and stronger links between our work in the U.S. and globally; it also enriches our intersectional approach to peace and justice.

With this plan, we rededicate ourselves to working hand in hand with all who seek a world transformed. Join us.

Download the 2020-2030 Strategic Plan (PDF, 23.8 MB)

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