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Quaker Action

Quaker Action

Araceli Velasquez (pictured with her family), who entered sanctuary in Denver, Colorado in August 2017.

Photo: Ric Urrutia

Inspiring communities: Working together to create sanctuary everywhere.

In this issue of Quaker Action, we share stories that show some innovative efforts to keep communities together as well as a few resources to spark your ideas and activism. Plus, we talk to activists on the 50th anniversary of Vietnam Summer and look at what's in store for our new program working with youth in Philadelphia, the Social Justice Leadership Institute.  

Quaker Action is published three times a year for AFSC supporters and can be downloaded free from this site. The stories cover many of AFSC's programs in the United States and in more than 20 communities around the world. Each issue includes a message from General Secretary Shan Cretin, guidance for getting involved, and an invitation to make contributions to support AFSC’s work.

To receive a copy of Quaker Action, please contact Donor Services.