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Peace Building and Conflict Transformation Program

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AFSC New Orleans peace games

Staff and interns from AFSC New Orleans spend Saturdays in the 9th Ward’s Sampson Park facilitating peace games with youth from the neighborhood.

The New Orleans Peace Building and Conflict Transformation Project works closely with youth and young adults in New Orleans to promote peace using peer-to-peer learning strategies, arts and activism.  The program works in school-based and community programs including A Desire for Change in the 9th Ward and Freedom Street Libraries in the 7th Ward. 

The Peace by Piece program trains young people to share tools that teach nonviolence and principled solutions to conflict. Working with youth up to 24 years of age, Peace by Piece offers (1) workshops on self-identity and conflict transformation, (2) monthly meetings to plan actions and community-wide events supporting alternatives to violence and (3) an internship program that provides training and mentorship to youth who share an interest in social justice and leadership development.

The Peace Building and Conflict Transformation Project works collaboratively and cooperatively with The Youth Agenda, a youth of color collective addressing issues of racism and oppression in community and schools.  Youth Agenda hosts Freedom Schools, a learning event that teaches the tenets of community organizing using an anti-oppression framework. 



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