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The American Friends Service Committee is a Quaker organization that promotes lasting peace with justice, as a practical expression of faith in action. Drawing on continuing spiritual insights and working with people of many backgrounds, we nurture the seeds of change and respect for human life that transform social systems.

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Jun 19, 2020
An open letter to Gov. Justice: Please ensure children have access to nutritious food this summer Jun 19, 2020
(Bluefield Daily Telegraph)
Food for All is a broad and diverse coalition of individuals and organizations across West Virginia who believe no West Virginian should ever go without access to adequate, nutritious food.
Jun 18, 2020
Fear of deportation 'never left': Iowa DACA recipients cheer Supreme Court decision, worry about future
(Des Moines Register)
For at least one day, Anelly Kerren Guerrero can breathe a little easier. Guerrero, who came to the United States with her parents when she was 8, is one of more than 600,000 DACA recipients nationwide who learned Thursday that their immigration status is no longer in limbo, for now. The Supreme Court ruled in a contested 5-4 decision that an attempt by the administration of President Donald Trump to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program was "arbitrary and capricious."
Jun 18, 2020
Investors Commit to Address "Systemic Racism" Through Their Portfolios
(Value Walk)
In the wake of continuing police brutality against Black people and widespread protests in support of the Black Lives Matter Movement, a group of investors from the Racial Justice Investing (RJI) Coalition has developed and circulated for endorsement by other investors an Investor Statement of Solidarity and Call to Action to Address Systemic Racism.
Jun 18, 2020
(Red Bank Green)
“It was was clear from the very beginning that the administration ended the program in an arbitrary and capricious manner,” Perez Hernandez told redbankgreen by email.
Jun 18, 2020
'We won': DACA recipients overwhelmed by surprise Supreme Court victory over Trump
(USA Today)
The U.S. Supreme Court rules that the process the Trump administration used to end the DACA program was unlawful.
Jun 18, 2020
The Poor People’s Campaign: Worthy of Quaker support then and now
(Pennsylvania Capital-Star)
General Secretary Joyce Ajlouny talks about the importance of the Poor People's Campaign and why we need it now more than ever.
Jun 18, 2020
Preparing for the unexpected: 4 questions with interim House Speaker Bryan Cutler | Thursday Morning Coffee
(Penn Capital Star)
With Mike Turzai’s retirement earlier this week, House Majority Leader Bryan Cutler got a new title: House Speaker. Under the chamber’s rules, the Lancaster County Republican takes on the gig until the House elects a new speaker and the House GOP holds its own reorganization vote.
Jun 18, 2020
The Poor People’s Campaign: Worthy of Quaker support then and now
(Penn Capital Star)
Just days before his assassination in 1968, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. sent a letter soliciting funds for the Poor People’s Campaign that read, in part, “[The Southern Christian Leadership Conference] SCLC cannot wait; it cannot watch as the only systematic response to riots are feverish military preparations for repression. It cannot sit in appalled silence and then deplore the holocaust when tragedy strikes. We cannot condone either violence or the equivalent evil of passivity.”
Jun 18, 2020
Sen. Markey Introduces Bill To Halt Deportations & ICE Actions During Coronavirus Pandemic
(Framingham SOURCE)
With states continuing to experience alarming upticks in the number of new coronavirus infections, Senator Edward J. Markey (D-Mass.) today introduced legislation to halt the Trump administration’s harmful immigration enforcement activities, including deportations, during the coronavirus pandemic to protect public health.
Jun 18, 2020
(Montclair Local)
It has traveled around the state. It has been displayed at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation at Montclair. It is the size of a solitary confinement cell.
Jun 18, 2020
Black activists find themselves having to calm white ‘allies’
(North Dallas Gazette)
A Texas race for the 24th Congressional District has flared up and injected itself into the national dialogue surrounding the death of George Floyd at the hands of a Minneapolis police officer and the protests that followed.
Jun 17, 2020
Latinos getting COVID-19 at much higher rates than others in San Diego
Latinos in San Diego are seeing a much higher COVID-19 infection rate than any other segment of the population according to county health statistics.
Jun 17, 2020
With Criminal Justice Reform, Authentic Rehabilitation is Vital
(Arizona Capitol Times)
Walt Blackman, a Republican legislator, who is known for supporting criminal justice reforms, but who also has a sustained record of supporting conservative Republican values, such as being opposed to abortion, has come under fire for inartful remarks he made about George Floyd and Black Lives Matter. As a result, some organizations who anointed him as their savior on sentencing reform have now wholly rejected him. As the saying goes, “Politics makes for strange bedfellows.”
Jun 17, 2020
From Fringe Idea to Law of the Land — a Look Inside the Creativity Fueling the Struggle to Defund the police
It’s hard to keep up when the world lurches from pandemic to racial justice uprising seemingly overnight. After months of living in a quarantine pressure cooker, amidst a global pandemic that’s thrown millions out of work, exposed the vicious inequities of our current capitalist system and killed hundreds of thousands, masses of people hit a breaking point.
Jun 15, 2020
Supreme Court Rejects Trump Bid To Void California Sanctuary Law
The Supreme Court on Monday rejected the Trump administration’s bid to throw out a California immigrant-sanctuary law that limits local police cooperation with federal immigration authorities.
Jun 14, 2020
Maine Initiatives awards $516,920 to grassroots organizations responding to COVID-19
(Kennebec Journal and Morning Sentinel)
A total of $516,920 in grants have been awarded to 57 community-based nonprofit organizations responding to the COVID-19 crisis across the state of Maine, according to a news release from Andrea Berry, director of Communications and Engagement, Maine Initiatives, a community-based foundation based in Portland.
Jun 14, 2020
392 New COVID-19 Cases, 3 More Deaths Reported Friday
(Iowa Public Radio)
Follow the latest Iowa news in our Daily Digest, a liveblog where you can catch up on the headlines in five minutes and find more reporting from our news team about the stories you care about.
Jun 12, 2020
Biden urged to condition aid to Israel and relocate embassy: Advocacy groups
(Middle East Eye)
Joe Biden has pledged to maintain unconditional military funding to Israel and keep US embassy in Jerusalem
Jun 12, 2020
Letters to the Editor
(San Diego Downtown News)
George Floyd died in vain. On the grim night of May 30, 2020, in La Mesa, California, that statement was challenged. At the intersection of Spring and Allison, one could find themselves entranced by the blood, sweat, and tear gas being put forth by their fellow citizens. Posters with the phrase “I can’t breathe” paced back and forth, as you can hear the shards of broken glass crack beneath your feet. A woman in the middle streets sang to the crowd with words of protest without caring for her vocal cords that were seemingly about to burst with cries. Pain was evident. There was a deep sense of both discomfort and liberation.
Jun 12, 2020
Rim Country lawmaker blasts Black Lives Matter
(Payson Round Up)
Snowflake state House Rep. Walt Blackman considers Black Lives Matter akin to a terrorist organization and says George Floyd was “no saint.” The first black Republican elected to the Arizona Legislature, Blackman’s comments on a radio interview and an interview with The Arizona Republic and Arizona Capitol Times drew a furious response from some Democrats and activist groups, amid nationwide protests spurred by the death of Floyd at the hands of police in Minneapolis.
Jun 11, 2020
Oppose Trump Administration Measures against the International Criminal Court
(Human Rights Watch)
The undersigned organizations express their deep concern regarding today’s announcement by Secretary of State Pompeo and other senior U.S. officials that the United States, among other things, has invoked emergency powers in order to threaten asset freezes and other punitive actions against officials of the International Criminal Court, their family members, and those who assist their investigations.
Jun 11, 2020
Will Minneapolis become the Selma of the North?
(The Christian Science Monitor)
Law enforcement violence against peaceful demonstrators in Selma, Alabama, in 1965 shocked the U.S. and sparked social change. Is George Floyd’s death at the hands of a police officer in Minneapolis a similar inflection point?
Jun 10, 2020
Your Say: What changes must police make to address racial inequity?
(The San Diego Untion-Tribune)
San Diego County and several local cities will no longer use the carotid restraint. What other changes are needed at any level of law enforcement to address issues of police brutality and racial inequity being raised in the nation’s protests?
Jun 10, 2020
‘No justice, no peace’: Local rally attendees and organizers have no plans to stop
(Concord Monitor)
Martin Toe, a man of peace, got a taste of the Promised Land last Saturday at the Black Lives Matter rally at the State House. And he thought it was delicious, a window into the support black people received from our mostly white state in their fight against police brutality.
Jun 10, 2020
SASC set for full markup of defense bill
Happy Wednesday and welcome to morning defense, where the United States is a wee bit more peaceful overall, according to a new global index, even as a scorecard details its recent progress in preparing for war with great powers.



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