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Key Issue

Just economies

Economies should work for all people and our planet and promote thriving communities—based on solidarity across class, gender, race, and ethnicity. But today, governments worldwide spend billions of dollars on war, policing, incarceration, and violent systems of repression, while communities have inadequate access to food, housing, health care, and education. 

AFSC works to support just economic priorities and policies, challenges growing inequality and the corporate abuse of human rights, and advocates for increased access to basic resources. We also provide tools to help people and institutions make socially responsible investments, including divesting from mass incarceration, surveillance, military occupations, and border militarization.

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Programs and campaigns

The Investigate project works to expose corporate involvement in state violence and to promote standards for corporate social responsibility and respect for human rights.

The COVID-19 pandemic has magnified the injustices of our world. It also reminds us of that we are all interconnected. Here are some ways communities worldwide have responded.
Join the call to boycott Pillsbury until the company stops manufacturing on stolen land.