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Emergency aid for elders in Gaza

Emergency aid for elders in Gaza

After more than a decade under an Israeli-imposed blockade, more than 80 percent of Palestinians in Gaza depend on aid to survive – and the elderly are especially vulnerable.

 That’s why AFSC is asking for your help to provide medicine, hygiene items, and other products seniors need to maintain their dignity.  

Give today to help support seniors in Gaza and our ongoing work for peace.


Aisha Zaanin

A refugee shares her story of life in Gaza after the 1948 war.


More than aid for Gaza

As we help seniors meet their basic needs today, we continue to push for political change to end the blockade and the occupation. 


How you can help

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Support elders in Gaza

Help AFSC raise $15,000 by June 8 to support seniors in Gaza and our ongoing work for peace.


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Gaza Unlocked

Get more firsthand stories from Palestinians in Gaza. 

Give to the 2021 Annual Fund drive by June 30

Your generous gift will help us reach our goal of raising $80,000. Help AFSC provide necessary relief to communities in need and bring about systemic change to overcome violence, oppression, and inequality in the U.S. and in 16 other countries around the world.

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