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Working steadfastly for peace: The 2014 AFSC Corporation meeting

Clerks' Table at the AFSC Corporation Meeting
Clerks' Table at the AFSC Corporation Meeting Photo: Bryan Vana / AFSC

Note: Here is a slide show of the 2014 AFSC Corporation Meeting, the theme of which was, "Working Steadfastly for Peace in Israel-Palestine." Friends from throughout the United States gathered to learn together with AFSC staff, to conduct business, and to worship together. One Friend said, "I value the work of talented, dedicated staff and volunteers at all levels. I value the role of spirit/worship in AFSC's work. This meeting has been one of the best experiences of my life." Hopefully these photos convey the spirit and energy of the meeting. For more information about the meeting, see the epistle/letter sent to all Quakers, arising from this meeting.

All photos are by Bryan Vana, Nony Dutton, and Don Davis. - Lucy

Doug Bennett, clerk of the Friends Relations Committee, welcomes Corporation members

Musical group Tribe One sings songs of challenge and hope

Lucy Duncan, Director of Friends Relations, reads a poem, A prayer for the coming of the light

Artist Naima Lowe presents 39 Questions for White People

1 of the 39 Questions

Shan Cretin explains that the raised fist was originally a nonviolent symbol of resistance

Corporation members chat during a break

Domnique Stevenson and members of Friend of a Friend present about Healing Justice

Jenn Piper teaches participants how to play the immigration game

Erin Polley presents on Waging Peace with youth

Dalit Baum and Jennifer Bing present on economic activism to promote human rights in Israel-Palestine

Dalit Baum tells stories about Israel-Palestine and work for justice in the area

Dalit Baum and Sandra Tamari talk about working for just peace in Israel-Palestine

Israel-Palestine presenters at the AFSC Corporation meeting including Iyad Burnat from Bi'lin in the West Bank

Aura Kanegis presents on Shared Security for a seasoning session

QuakerBooks of FGC sells books on issues presented at breaks

Arlene Kelly receives a minute of appreciation as she concludes her service as clerk of the AFSC Board

Phil Lord became the new clerk of the AFSC Board at the rise of this meeting

About the Author

Lucy was the Director of Friends Relations from 2011-2021. 

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