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What makes a Quaker organization Quaker?

Quaker Meeting for Worship for Peace in Vietnam
Quaker Meeting for Worship for Peace in Vietnam Photo: AFSC Archives / AFSC

by Lucy Duncan

Having worked at Friends General Conference and now AFSC, as well as having F/friends who work in Quaker schools, colleges, and yearly meetings, I’ve heard a lot of conversation about what constitutes a Quaker organization. I find that these conversations uncover much theological diversity, as well as discussion about whether the Quaker faith is primarily a faith about how we regard our relationship to the divine or about how we live. I think this is an important and interesting conversation for Friends to have. Please share your thoughts about what constitutes a Quaker organization. How does an organization express the essential qualities of Quaker faith, practice, and the testimonies? What does that look like? How should that look? Please offer examples.

About the Author

Lucy serves as Director of Friends Relations for AFSC. She blogs, organizes Quakers to work for justice, and has helped create AFSC's Sanctuary Everywhere stream of program work. She has been instrumental in the adaptation of Quaker social change ministry as a tool for reclaiming Spirit-guided social change work focused on companioning those most impacted by injustice.