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AFSC Investment Policy Statement

This Statement of Investment Policy is a blueprint for the investment and management of the portfolios of the American Friends Service Committee [AFSC] and for the prudent stewardship of the funds entrusted to AFSC by its donors and sponsors.

The American Friends Service Committee has been provided with investable funds from donors and other sources to support its mission. The organization’s 2020 Strategic Plan speaks to this in broad terms: “Philanthropic resources expand to match our organizational vision and program ambitions, with enhanced financial and fundraising systems.” The Board of Directors, through its Stewardship Committee and its Investment Subcommittee, must manage these funds with prudent and appropriate care in a way that best supports the AFSC’s mission, Quaker values, and longterm financial health.

Accordingly, this “Investment Policy Statement” and the associated “Investment Objectives & Guidelines” are designed to:

  • Establish a clear understanding of the investment policies and objectives for all interested parties;
  • Align the organization’s investments with the peace and justice advocacy positions of AFSC’s global programs;
  • Develop specific guidelines and limitations for the investment managers to ensure that assets are being managed in accordance with these investment policies and objectives; and,
  • Provide a basis for the evaluation of the investment performance of our assets. 

Download AFSC's Investment Policy Statement (as of June 2021) 


Created Date 
Aug 26, 2019

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