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A guide to protesting

How to prepare, stay safe, and get your message across

The right to peaceful protest is one of the cornerstones of a healthy democracy. From iconic moments such as the March on Washington to today's Black Lives Matter protests and demonstrations to protect abortion rights, these actions are an essential exercise of free speech—a means for individuals to raise a strong, collective voice before policymakers who hold their lives and well-being in the balance.

Explore and use these protest resources compiled by AFSC and partners to support your activism.

How to stay safer at a protest

A checklist for protesters

Use our guide to plan ahead, remember what to bring, and keep you and others safe.

How to intervene if someone is being harassed

Use our bystander intervention do's and don'ts to assess how to intervene while considering the safety of everyone involved. 

More resources


Note to self: White people taking part in Black Lives Matter protests

Remember you are there as support and in solidarity. Follow the lead of Black organizers, and lift up the voices of Black people involved in the struggle.

Get involved


We all belong here poster by Micah Bizant

Download and and print protest posters.

Signmaking materials graphic

Use our guide to make a powerful and impactful protest sign. 

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