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Standing with migrants at the U.S.-Mexico border

Photo: / AFSC

Faith leaders call for migrant justice and face arrest as part of AFSC week of action

On Dec. 10, dozens of faith leaders were arrested in an act of nonviolent civil disobedience at the U.S.-Mexico border. They were among the more than 400 people of faith and supporters who gathered in San Diego to stand with migrants seeking refuge in the U.S.

The action included people from numerous religious traditions, including those from Christian, Muslim, Jewish, and indigenous communities, many expressing how their faith called them to take part.

The event launched a nationwide week of action called Love Knows No Borders: A moral call for migrant justice. Together, participants are calling on the U.S. to respect the human right to migrate, end the militarization of border communities, and end the detention and deportation of immigrants.

"As a Quaker, I believe there is that of the divine in all of us," said Laura Boyce, AFSC associate general secretary for U.S. Programs. "In the face of unfounded fear, racism and violence, courageous action is necessary."

Here's a recap from the day's events:

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