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#LoveTrumpsHate - a poem

Acting in Faith  |  By Bilal Khan, Feb 7, 2017

Call to prayer at March for Humanity - #SanctuaryEverywhere

Photo: Jeff Fazio / Jeff Fazio

This was one of three poems shared at the March for Humanity: #Sanctuary Everywhere on Feb. 4th, 2017 in Philadelphia. Bilal shared this poem then led others in prayers at 3 pm while marchers encircled them in sanctuary during the protest.

Have you ever seen such unity 

People coming under the name of democracy 

To right the injustice that's deemed the world from sea to shining sea

People of all different sizes and colors 

Races and religions gather in places and clutter 

Holding signs that you and I seek to humanize what's happening to this great country 

A campaign established upon rage 

Day after day we would hear you on our TVs and radio say 

Phrases that kids could better articulate 

Pointing fingers, blaming others for your mistake 

When in reality you don't know why you're here in the first place

Mr. Trump look outside your big fancy towers for a minute 

This is the American power, the American spirit 

No matter where injustice resides we gather to diminish 

No matter how long it's been goin' on we see it through to the finish 

You'll see news headlines of protests and marches for months to come 

No matter how hard you try, this will not be undone 

You better take a lesson from Brits and leave like they did in London

Couple of days and you're already messing up lives 

Tearing apart families those children, husband, and wives 

Shutting down airports while Muslims stand in line 

Trump, if you really have problem with us then "catch me ousside" 

#lovetrumpshate, you will never divide

Holding hands with everyone who doesn't support injustice in the meantime 

So listen to our voices as we scream higher and higher 

Mr. Trump, the American people have spoken, you're fired

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About the Author

Bilal Khan is a current undergrad at Rutgers University studying Finance. He started off doing social change work with a chapter of Young Muslims in Trenton, NJ. Through the organization he was able to grow his roots into his religion, Islam, and simultaneously help others through his work and actions. He encourages everyone to speak out against injustice and rejoice as Americans.

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