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Let it unravel, then weave a new pattern

A poem reflecting on #BlackLivesMatter

Philadelphia march against police brutality May 30th 2020
Philadelphia march against police brutality May 2020 Photo: Lucy Duncan / AFSC


“Our country is unraveling before our eyes”

“My city is burning”

Let it unravel and then
May all weavers come together and work the loom into a new pattern.

The burning might need to be
May all the brand new Phoenix’ rise from the purified ashes of our broken hearts and washed minds.

Our tears wash streaks down our cheeks

Our hands grow calloused with the work of freedom

From protecting

From lifting one another up

From building longer tables

From bringing seats for everyone

Calloused hand and tear streaked faces

From joy

From liberation

From peace with justice

It’ll take my hands, our hands, our neighbor’s hands
It’ll take getting my face, our faces, our neighbor’s faces dirty
And washing the places on our faces our tears miss

It’ll always be scary and exhilarating and confusing
And we’ll lose the way but not for long
if we don’t lose
Each other.


About the Author

Jennifer Piper is Interfaith Organizing Director in AFSC’s Denver Immigrant Rights program