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AFSC Board of Directors

Are you or somone you know interested in serving on the Board or other AFSC Committee? Please visit the Governance Volunteer Recruitment page to learn more about opportunities, apply for consideration, or recommend someone else. 

All Board members serve on at least one standing Board or Corporation committee. Each member's current committee service is listed after their name. The Board Executive Committee is made up of the five officers of the Board plus members at large to ensure representation from all major standing Board Committees.

Officers of the Board: 

Joyce Ajlouny, general secretary; member at large, AFSC Corporation.

Joyce Ajlouny joined AFSC as general secretary on Sept. 1, 2017. A transformative Quaker leader, Joyce brings to AFSC a depth of experience in strategic planning, financial and personnel management, fundraising, and communication spanning 27 years. Prior to joining to AFSC, Joyce served as the director of the Ramallah Friends School in Palestine, where she has led a diverse staff of over 170 educators and administrators for the past 13 years. She spent the prior 14 years working in international development focusing on minority and refugee rights, gender equality, economic development, and humanitarian support. She served as the country director for Palestine and Israel with Oxfam-Great Britain, chaired the Association of International Development Agencies there, and worked as a program officer and project manager at various United Nations agencies. Joyce holds a master’s degree in Organizational Management and Development from Fielding Graduate University in California.

Susan Cozzens, treasurer; member, Board Stewardship Committee; member at large, AFSC Corporation.

Member, Atlanta Monthly Meeting. Susan has served twice on the AFSC Board of Directors and been clerk of its Race Relations Committee as well as both South and Southeast Regional Executive Committees. She is a former clerk of Atlanta Friends Meeting and has also been active with Friends Schools in Atlanta and Washington. At work, she does research on global inequalities as a professor of public policy at the Georgia Institute of Technology, where she is also Vice Provost for Graduate Education and Faculty Affairs. 


Phil Lord, presiding clerk; ex-officio member of all Board committees; member at large, AFSC Corporation.

Member, Chestnut Hill Monthly Meeting, Philadelphia Yearly Meeting. Phil is a full-time practicing attorney who began his career by organizing low-income tenants and representing community-based development corporations in complex real estate transactions including housing cooperatives. He currently serves as the Executive Director of Tenant Union Representative Network (TURN), a non-governmental service and advocacy organization that works on behalf of low-income tenants in the city of Philadelphia.

In 1997, Phil Lord served as lead counsel to the successful Million Women March held in Philadelphia. Before that, as a volunteer he taught classes in business law for several years to inmates at Graterford Prison, a maximum-security facility. He has trained immigrant rights workers on housing issues and represented Haitian refugees seeking asylum. He provided legal representation to the American Indians of Delaware Valley including resolving internal tribal disputes. He served for nearly a decade on the board of Youth Empowerment Services, an education and training program for youth who have dropped out of high school. He served as an initial board member of The Attic which provides services and support to LGBTQ youth.

A long-time member of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers), Phil has had more than twenty years of experience volunteering for AFSC. He is also one of the founding members of the Quaker group known as the Fellowship of Friends of African Descent and has served on the boards of the Germantown Friends School Committee and the Friends’ Rehabilitation Program.

Jana Schroeder, recording clerk; clerk, Friends Relations Committee; member at large, AFSC Corporation.

Member, Clear Creek Friends Meeting, Ohio Valley Yearly Meeting. Past AFSC service includes the Ad Hoc Naming Committee, the 2013 Clerk Search Committee, the Nationwide Women's Program Committee, National Affirmative Action Committee and Disability Issues subcommittee. Jana staffed the AFSC Ohio Criminal Justice Program 1989-2004. Currently Director of Community Engagement, Earlham College.




Nikki Vangsnes, assistant clerk; member at large, AFSC Corporation.

Member, Durham Monthly Meeting, North Carolina Yearly Meeting (Conservative). Former Clerk of the MM Meeting (1996-1999); Member of Peace and Social Concerns Committee (2001-2017). Trustee, Carolina Friends School (1992-2004, 2010-present) and member of the school's Strategic Planning Committee (2017-18); former Clerk, Governance Committee. Currently serves as the Associate Director of the Trent Center for Bioethics, Humanities & History of Medicine, School of Medicine, Duke University (1999-present). 




Ex-Officio members (Regional Executive Committee clerks):

Sara Burke, co-clerk, Northeast Region Executive Committee.

Member, Beacon Hill Monthly Meeting, New England Yearly Meeting. Sara is Communications Director at a nonprofit consultancy focused on improving poiicy related to affordable housing and services for extremely low-income people with disabilities. From 1997‐2009, she served as co‐editor of AFSC's Peacework magazine in the Cambridge, MA office



Richard Erstad, clerk, International Programs Executive Committee; member, Quaker United Nations Committee; AFSC representative to Quaker Hilfe Stiftung Board. 

Dick is currently a consultant/volunteer specializing in non‐profit assessment and leadership development, including on immigrant and refugee rights. He retired 2014 from AFSC, including a long tenure as Regional Director for Latin America and the Caribbean, followed by various posts including QIAR and Interim AGS for US and International Programs.




Naneen Karraker, clerk, West Region Executive Committee.

Naneen has worked with AFSC in various capacities since 1971 when she volunteered with AFSC at their halfway house for men returning to San Francisco from state prison. She is a member of AFSC's Justice Committee in Northern California. She has a BA from UC Berkeley in psychology with an emphasis on criminology and a Master’s degree in sociology from San Francisco State University. She consulted with non-profits on resource development, conducted program evaluations, and wrote grant applications. Naneen has worked on prison moratorium issues for the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee and staffed California's Criminal Justice Consortium for many years. Currently she volunteers with non-profits that work on social & economic justice issues.

Nell Warnes, co-clerk, South Region Executive Committee; member at large, AFSC Corporation.

Member, Live Oaks Friends Meeting, South Central Yearly Meeting. Nell worked as an engineer in the aerospace and semiconductor industries, where she began her climb down the corporate ladder. After spending a year teaching in rural China, she returned to Houston where she teaches computer literacy. She has taught students from 10 to 90 years old and from all over the world. Nell is an active member of Transition Houston.



Nora Vera-Godwin, co-clerk, Midwest Region Executive Committee; member, Strategic Planning Working Group; member at large, AFSC Corporation.

Member, Clear Creek Meeting, Illinois Yearly Meeting. Graduate of the University of Kansas, Lawrence where she received a Master's degree in Theoretical Linguistics and then a Master's degree and Ph.D. in Spanish American Literature. During a hiatus of her academic career, Nora raised a son, gardened, learned to cook, and volunteered for Planned Parenthood, TriState Coalition against Domestic and Sexual Abuse, and the Iowa Women's Political Caucus. She is a retired college professor of Spanish language, Spanish American Literature, ESL and Multiculturalism. Former member of AFSC's Inclusion and Diversity Committee and Central Region Executive Committee.



John Adams, member, Standing Nominating Committee; yearly meeting appointee for Southern Appalachian Yearly Meeting and Association, AFSC Corporation.

Member, Atlanta Friends Meeting. John has been a Nurse / Healthcare worker for over 20 years and completed a B.S. degree in Safety and Health in 2014. He has been involved in the Labor movement for close to 20 years and has organized workers, increased membership, and assisted in building coalitions with other community organizations. John has been an advocate for conflict resolution by serving as a mediator for labor and community disputes. He has raised four children (three of whom are college grads). He is committed to continued learning and listening.


 Sa'ed Atshan, member, Standing Nominating Committee, member at large, AFSC Corporation.

Sa'ed Atshan is an Assistant Professor of Peace and Conflict Studies at Swarthmore College. He holds a PhD and MPP from Harvard University and BA from Swarthmore. Atshan is also a 2002 graduate of the Ramallah Friends School. He is a member of Central Philadelphia Monthly Meeting and serves on the Board of Pendle Hill, Corporation of Haverford College, Multicultural Board of Westtown School, and as a Spiritual Nurturer for the Quaker Voluntary Service. He also identifies as an LGBT, Palestinian, Quaker human rights activist. 


Marj Byler, clerk, Board Program Committee; co-clerk, Strategic Planning Working Group; member at large, Board Executive Committee and AFSC Corporation.

Member, Strawberry Creek Monthly Meeting, Pacific Yearly Meeting. Marj is an educator, manager, and facilitator with experience in conflict transformation, diversity and inclusion, strategic planning, change design and management, staff development, and organizing. She was a bilingual educator in her native Argentina, Uruguay and the US. In 1988, she joined the staff of Amnesty International (AI) USA, where she oversaw the organization's grassroots campaigns and membership work. In 2003, she became a member of the Senior Team at AI's International Secretariat in London and managed worldwide development and standard setting for the organization's 80+ chapters. Since 2011 she has consulted with NGOs on organizational development matters.

Jada Monica Drew, member, Board Community, Equality, and Justice Committee.

Jada has designed diversity and inclusion programs in the public and private sectors for more than a decade. She is the CEO of Social Designs, a consulting firm providing social justice solutions for organizations and people across the globe. One of her passions is working with and for youth. Jada developed Fly & Focused Global Leadership and the So Fresh & So Green Youth Initiative in Northampton County, North Carolina. Currently, Jada co-leads the Change Institute study abroad program in Barbados for high school youth as they study food systems and environmental justice. She was also a speaker at the United Nations Youth at the Forefront: Climate Change briefing in 2015.

Jada’s first book, Revolutionize Now: Creative Leadership & Action for Social Change, supports readers to create a blueprint for self-discovery and social change. Drew holds a master’s degree in Global and International Education from Drexel University and a bachelor’s degree in Psychology with minors in African-American Studies and Education from Guilford College. When she’s taking a break from speaking and training, Jada enjoys moments spent with family, eating savory meals, traveling, and laughing uncontrollably. Jada volunteers as co-chair of Other Voices with the Greensboro Chamber of Commerce and serves on the ArtsGreensboro board.    

Alison Duncan, member, Friends Relations Committee; member, Stewardship Committee; member at large, AFSC Corporation.

Member, Adelphi Friends Meeting, Baltimore Yearly Meeting. Alison is employed by Baltimore City as a strategist in their Workforce Development department. She has an MBA from University of Maryland’s Smith School of Business, and worked for BYM for six years as their Youth Programs Manager. She clerked Baltimore Yearly Meeting's Camp Diversity Working Group for 3 years ending in 2015.

Bob Eaton, member, Board Community, Equality, and Justice Committee; member at large, AFSC Corporation.

Member, Durham Monthly Meeting, New England Yearly Meeting. Bob is the founder and retired director of the Survey Action Center, which surveys landmine fields. He was also the Director for Humanitarian Affairs at the Vietnam Veterans of America Foundation. Bob served with AFSC in Laos and Vietnam in the 1980s, assisting with postwar reconstruction effort and is a former Regional Director of the San Francisco regional office. He was a draft resister and the captain of A Quaker Action Group ship, Phoenix, during the 1960s.


Jim Fletcher, member, Board Stewardship Committee and Board Audit Committee; member at large, AFSC Corporation.

Member, Atlanta Monthly Meeting and Pocatello Friends Worship Sharing Group. Past Treasurer, AFSC Board and Corporation. Former member, AFSC Finance and Executive Committees. Current member of the Fellowship of Friends of African Descent; Vice President for Finance and Administration for Idaho State Univerity. Formerly, Vice Chancellor for Administration, Texas A&M University System. Former Vice President for Business and Finance, Morehouse University, University of Colorado, and Howard University. Held Vice Presidencies of Finance at UNISYS and IBM. Former member, FCNL General Committee, FWCC General Committee. Former member, Oakwood School Board, Quaker United Nations Committee. Member, College Station Rotary Club. Author of "A Quaker Speaks from the Black Experience: The Life and Collected Writings of Barrington Dunbar," and co-author of "Friends Face the World."


Damon Motz-Storey, member, Board Governance Committee; member at large, AFSC Corporation.

Member, Mountainview Friends Meeting. Damon was born and raised in the foothills near Denver, Colorado. Damon has so far lived a life infused with Quaker community, values, and spirit. He sought out and completed a Bachelor's of Science at Haverford College to become more deeply steeped in a Quaker-informed liberal arts education and to sojourn in Philadelphia, a hub of historical and modern-day Quakerism. While at Haverford, Damon was chosen to represent Inter-Mountain Yearly Meeting on the FCNL General Committee, where he learned how to lobby for social justice and began to develop a thirst for advocating for more equitable policies and government. Immediately following graduation, Damon resettled in Portland, Oregon for a year of service with the local chapter of Physicians for Social Responsibility which subsequently developed into a full-time job in political organizing and a position on the Quaker Voluntary Service Board of Directors. He still lives there today, joyfully singing and dancing with chosen family in the Portland Gay Men's Chorus and taking frequent trips to visit family and Quaker roots in Denver.  

Kenneth Oye, member, Board Program Committee; member at large, AFSC Corporation.

Member of Wellesley Monthly Meeting, New England Yearly Meeting. Kenneth Oye has longstanding ties to AFSC. He is a member of the AFSC International Programs Executive Committee, with service on Asia, Middle East and Shared Security subcommittees. His father, George M. Oye, was Director of the Material Aids Program and a member of the Board. His daughter, Mari Michener Oye, recently served as Myanmar Country Director and East Asia QIAR. Ken is an active Quaker and Asian American with a commitment to peace and human rights issues. He is a member of the independent Quaker Worship Group of Boston and a Trustee of the World Peace Foundation. Ken is a Professor of Political Science and Data, Systems and Society at MIT, with research and teaching on international relations and technology policy. His books include Cooperation under Anarchy, Economic Discrimination and Political Exchange and four symposia on American foreign policy. His recent articles on biotechnology and health policy have appeared in Science, Nature and Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics. He has served as an invited expert with the United Nations (UNIDO, BWC, WHO) and the US government (PCAST, Treasury, Commerce, EXIM, NIH). He holds a BA in Political Science and Economics from Swarthmore College and a PhD in Government from Harvard University. In Academic Year 2018-19, Ken is a Visiting Professor in Life Sciences at the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, where he attends Geneva Monthly Meeting and co-hosts a Quaker worship group in Canton Vaud. 

Daniel A. Seeger, member, Friends Relations Committee and Board Stewardship Committee; member at large, AFSC Corporation.

Member, Morningside Monthly Meeting, New York Yearly Meeting. Dan is a former AFSC Regional Director (New York Metropolitan Regional Office), Interim Regional Director of the AFSC's Pacific Mountain Regional Office, and Interim General Secretary. He is also a former chairperson of the Lumberton Township Planning Board, Executive Director of Pendle Hill, presiding clerk of the World Conference of Friends (Kenya, 1990), and past clerk of the FWCC's Interim Committee, board member of the Friends Center Corporation and Moorestown Friends School.


David Singleton, clerk, Board Stewardship Committee; member, Investment Subcommittee; member at large, AFSC Corporation.

Joined the AFSC board in April 2018. Member, Wilmington (DE) Monthly Meeting, Philadelphia Yearly Meeting.  Board service on two Friends affiliated educational institutions: Wilmington Friends School (past) and Swarthmore College (current). Professional resume includes service in management roles in city, county and state government as well as a career in investment banking; currently retired. Specific experience in finance, real estate, construction, international business and criminal justice. Has served on a variety of boards of non-profit organizations, including those dealing with leadership development, performing arts, community development and urban revitalization. Married with two children and four grandchildren.


Mira Tanna, member, Nobel Peace Prize Nominating Task Group; member, Strategic Planning Working Group; member at large, AFSC Corporation.

Mira Tanna is a Grants Manager with the City of Orlando. Previously, she worked with the Technology & Education Center at the Orange County Library System and as the Program Director for Fair Lending with Community Legal Services of Mid-Florida and Assistant Director of the Metro St. Louis Equal Housing Opportunity Council. From 1996-2000, she directed the International Affairs Program for the St. Louis Area Office of the AFSC. Mira is a member of the Orlando Friends Meeting. She lives in Orlando with her husband and two children.



Marcy Wenzler, member, Board Governance Committee; member at large, AFSC Corporation.

Member, Bloomington Monthly Meeting, Ohio Valley Yearly Meeting. Marcy is an attorney at Indiana Legal Services (ILS) and the Director of ILS Housing Law Center. She is a member of Bloomington Monthly Meeting’s Peace & Social Concerns Committee. Marcy is a long-time AFSC Governance volunteer, serving as a former member of the Standing Nominating Committee, the Strategic Planning Committee, the Board Effectiveness Committee, and the Nationwide Peace Education Committee.

Veronica Wetherill, member, Board Community, Equality, and Justice Committee; member, International Programs Executive Committee; member, Strategic Planning Working Group; member at large, AFSC Corporation.

Member, Newtown Monthly Meeting, Philadelphia Yearly Meeting. Veronica is a native of El Salvador who came to the United States at age 9. Her native language is Spanish, though she is proficient in French and has some knowledge of Portuguese. Veronica is a graduate of Princeton University and the Georgetown University Law Center and holds both a J.D. and a Masters in the School of Foreign Service. Previous experience includes work as an international trade lawyer at Steptoe & Johnson (Washington, D.C.), as well as communications positions at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and an editorial post at Her education and career have been consistently focused on peace and social change. Veronica has two children who attend Newtown Friends School, where she also serves on the School Committee.

Peter Woodrow, clerk, Governance Committee; member, Strategic Planning Working Group; member at large, Board Executive Committee and AFSC Corporation.

Member, Portland Friends Meeting (Maine), New England Yearly Meeting. Semi-retired consultant/researcher regarding improved practice in international peacebuilding and development. Mediator, facilitator and trainer. Member of Governance Committee. Past member of Board Program Committee and International Programs Executive Committee. Previous Board terms in 1990s and 2000s. Past member of various New England Regional national and international committees. AFSC staff in Viet Nam (1969-71); National Office (1972-75); Malaysia/Cambodia (1979-81); interim administrative positions in NERO.