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Action Center

No funding for walls or border militarization!

Sign the petition

Tell Congress to keep the government open and reject any more funding to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and Customs and Border Protection (CBP) for border militarization, deadly detention, or terrorizing our communities. 

Create #SanctuaryEverywhere

Resources for schools, colleges, places of worship, and communities on how to create safe spaces for all people.

4 things you can do to stand with the migrant caravan

Speak out against the Trump administration's xenophobic rhetoric by taking action today.

Bystander intervention tips

If you witness public instances of oppressive interpersonal violence and harassment, use these tips on how to intervene while considering the safety of everyone involved.  

Posters for resisting racism

Download and use these free "We All Belong Here" posters at protests, and display them in welcoming spaces in your community.

5 actions for congregations

Here are five ways that your congregation can work to stop Islamophobia.

Action alerts

Tell Trump: Reunite Korean and Korean-American families

President Trump will meet with Kim Jong Un in a historic second summit, which provides an opportunity to reunite Korean and Korean-American families that have been separated for almost 70 years. Reuniting these families presents an opportunity to build cooperation and help heal the open wound of the unfinished Korean War.

Save TPS for hundreds of thousands of immigrants

President Trump is ending Temporary Protected Status for 300,000 immigrants in the U.S.

Take action

Tell Congress: Abolish ICE!

It's time to stop this agency's abuse and cruelty against immigrants once and for all. 

Take action to stop border militarization

Tell elected officials to stop the deadly militarization of our nation's borders and insist that they not use migrants as bargaining chips. 

Hold Israel accountable for violating children's rights

Support legislation to ensure U.S. financial assistance to Israel is not used to support the detention and prosecution of Palestinian children by Israeli forces.