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End the blockade on Gaza


The COVID-19 virus has been detected in Gaza. Immediate action is needed to demand an end to the blockade and to guarantee that measures are taken to ensure appropriate care for Palestinian in Gaza impacted by the virus.

The Israeli military blockade on Gaza has been in place for more than 13 years, with increasingly devastating impacts on the health, well-being, and livelihoods of Palestinians in Gaza. Even prior to this current crisis, the United Nations and other international actors had warned that Gaza was ripe for the outbreak of a devastating epidemic. Overcrowding, broken water and sanitation systems, depleted stocks of basic medicines and vital medical supplies, and an overburdened and under resourced health system all leave Gaza ripe for an overwhelming outbreak of COVID-19 with severe consequences for the over 2 million residents of Gaza.

Take action today. Ask Congress to support changes to U.S. policy toward Gaza by calling for an immediate, complete, and unconditional end to the Gaza blockade and by calling on Israel to ensure that those impacted by COVID-19 in Gaza receive the medical treatment they need.