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Vietnam Summer

Vietnam Summer

Activism during the Vietnam War

Were you there?

 vietnam protest

From 1965-70, AFSC helped build the antiwar coalitions that challenged U.S policy in Vietnam.  Bridging the divide between liberal faith groups and more radical antiwar resisters, we argued for a big tent and broad peace movement. One of the biggest initiatives occurred during the summer of 1967, commonly known as Vietnam Summer.

By the end of August, Vietnam Summer had over 26,000 volunteers working in about 700 local projects throughout the U.S. There were 500 full-time staff members. We'd love to reconnect with those who participated and provide a platform to share your stories. Contact us and tell us about your Vietnam War Activism.

Stories from Peace Works

Richard Morse worked from June to August 1969 at the AFSC rehabilitation & refugee relief center in Quang Ngai, South Vietnam. See more stories on Peace Works.


Automated Air War (1972)

The "Automated Air War" slideshow was introduced in 1972 and used to educate the public about the use of automated bombing during the Vietnam War. 

Resisting the war

AFSC worked to wage peace throughout the war, both in Vietnam and in the U.S.

Alternatives to military service

During the Vietnam era AFSC was one of the main sources of counseling and support for men resisting the draft for moral or political reasons.