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AFSC at GEO ICE Detention, August 1, 2011

AFSC vigil at immigrant the GEO detention center in Aurora, Colo.
AFSC's Peace Truck in Guatemala travels around the city to provide urban youth with a "safe space" to receive counseling and learn conflict resolution skills.

Youth Empowerment through Conflict Resoution

AFSC’s Youth Empowerment through Conflict Resolution Program works with school students, teachers, and organizations to promote peace and justice in Baltimore’s neighborhoods.

Art vs. War - AFSC's "Windows and Mirrors"

This short video, using images from AFSC's Windows and Mirrors Exhibit, makes a powerful statement about the human cost of the war in Afghanistan. Learn more about Windows and Mirrors

Transparency Action Plan - Buildup to the summit stories - Part II

As part of AFSC's campaign of developing and advocating for political campaign contribution limits and other reforms in the new Cuyahoga County (Cleveland, OH) charter, AFSC's Greg Coleridge was asked by the TAP Summit on Transparency to offer his reflections.


Video from AFSC's Windows and Mirrors Exhibit in Mayowa Tomori. Learn more about Windows and Mirrors

Building Hope on Foot

AFSC intern Kelsey McNicholas shares her experience working on the U.S.-Mexico border.

67 Sueños

The Oakland-based "67 Sueños Collective" ("67 Dreams," after the 67 percent of young people who would not be affected by the DREAM Act) holds monthly encounters or "Encuentros" with undocumented youth from across the Bay Area. The focus is to build solidarity, and to record their testimonies/stories in hopes to build awareness about the issues they face and to bear witness to their American experience.

Windows and Mirrors

Reflections from the Windows and Mirrors exhibit in North Carolina.