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Des Moines videographer Rodger Routh produced this video of a February 21, 2012 rally in downtown Des Moines calling for diplomacy with Iran. The rally was co-sponsored by Catholic Peace Ministry, Iowans for Diplomacy with Iran and AFSC. For more photos from the rally, click here.

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"Bay-Peace Anthem"


Luis Montoya & Egypt Claxton

Oakland, CA

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"Hand It Down"

Plugged In Teen Band Program

James Volk, Henry London, Sophie London, Adam London, Jared Henderson, Michael McCullum, Teddi Shapiro, Ali Vega, Jake Green & Jesse Sylvan

Needham, MA

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Students from New York, show how they would use a trillion dollars to fix the public school system.

See more official selections from the 2nd Annual "If I Had A Trillion Dollars" Youth Film Festival.

"A Smarter Nation Calls for Better Education"

Little Red School House and Elisabeth Irwin High School Emma Stydahar and Dinayari Rodriguez

New York, NY

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"If I Had A Trillion Dollars: Chicago (IRS)"

Street Level Youth Media

Alvin Jiminez, Haracio Rodriguez, Vanessa Roldan, Arani Shearill, Savion Williams Hondras, Alexis Williams Hondras, James Duke & Asha Tamirisa

Chicago, IL

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"The Real Crime of America"

Olney Friends School

Rachel Logan Wood, Kima Bennett, Will Reynolds & Davis Marklin Barnesville, OH


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"If I Had A Trillion Dollars"

Amplify Me Media

Omar Omar, Keisha Rivera, Ronnica Rogers, Javier Centeno, Aloisio Depina, Oshin Francis & Shacoya Elmore

Boston, MA

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Katie Santoro, 16 shows viewers how she would use a trillion dollars to fund arts and education.

See more official selections from the 2nd Annual "If I Had A Trillion Dollars" Youth Film Festival.

"Arts Funding"

Katie Santoro

Davie, FL

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"IHTD-Sayfer World Is a Saner World"

Southern Appalachian Young Friends

Atlanta, GA

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Youth from Chicago's Kelly High School show us what's wrong wiht the federal budget.

"If I Had a Trillion Dollars"

Kelly High School

Raymond Duran, Myriam Perez & Anna Chavez

Chicago, IL

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