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Special update livestream: What’s next after COP26?

Special update livestream: What’s next after COP26?


The recently concluded United Nations Climate Change Conference, otherwise known as COP26, brought together world leaders and powerful parties to address the issue of climate change. It yielded a new international agreement, the Glasgow Climate Pact, and inspired countless actions from activists and advocates, such as the COP26 Coalition calling for stronger measures and a more urgent mindset than “business as usual.”

Join AFSC’s Peniel Ibe as she recaps on her experience in Glasgow alongside other Black, indigenous and directly impacted representatives from the Red, Black, & Green New Deal. From powerful tales of resistance in the fight for Climate Justice and moments of solidarity born from a shared experience, to truly understanding the shortcomings of these infamous climate talks and the agreements or lack of that come from it, hear from her as she shares updates from the conference, as well as thoughts for next steps in AFSC’s work and beyond.

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