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The making of a star

In this two-minute video reflection, AFSC's Midwest Region offers its thanks to AFSC supporters everywhere.

Origami by Patti McKee. Text below.

The Making of a Star
Symbol of the American Friends Service Committee

When young Quakers drove ambulances during World War I in France, they didn’t see themselves as heroes.

Instead, what drove them is what drives us, the American Friends Service Committee, nearly 100 years later.

They saw then, as we see now,

that injustice fuels conflict

and violence only results in more violence.


But they also saw then, as we see now,

a higher truth.

That there is that of God in all people.

and, as Dr. King said 50 years later,

only Light can drive out darkness

and only love can drive out hate.


Friends chose then, as we choose still,

A star to symbolize our nonviolent work.

Red and black, with eight points

(and a little hourglass in the middle).


They knew then, as we know now,

That AFSC doesn’t make stars – or heroes.

The stars are all around us.

The stars are within us.

The stars are you.


Thank you for your support of the American Friends Service Committee.