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Legacies - John Henry Part 2

Part #2: Dr. John Henry is a UMKC professor of economics focusing on the history of economic thought. He is the author of two books and numerous articles. He had taught at California State University-Sacramento, and at Cambridge and Staffordshire, England. John shared the view of the inadequacy of economics to quantify the costs of war. 

On March 19, 2012, the ninth anniversary of the start of the Iraq war the American Friends Service Committee organized the community forum "Legacies of the Iraq War /Lessons for U.S.'s Iran Policy" at UMKC, Kansas City, MO. Panel members commented on the human, economic and political impacts of the Iraq war on Iraq and the U.S. They offered an analysis of U.S.- Iran relations, shared comment on how Iranians view the conflict and how identified lessons the U.S. should take from Iraq to guide U.S.-  Iran policy.

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