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Klare: "The New Cold War? Geopolitical Competition between the US, China and Russia"

Michael Klare speaks at Boylston Hall at Harvard in Cambridge, Massachusetts, 2/12/16.

The new cold war is here. US foreign policy elites have identified Russia and China as the long-term obstacles to US global dominance. Tensions are rising: Middle East, Ukraine and across Europe, South China Sea and East Asia. Military budgets, including for “modernization” of nuclear arsenals are skyrocketing. In an era of rising and declining great powers, the U.S. is playing a complex and dangerous game of cooperation and competition, with the strategic goal of resisting and:

o Prospects for war and peace
o Policy alternatives to enhance mutual understanding and
o What can the peace movement do to oppose militarism and support global resistance? 

Michael Klare is a Five Colleges Professor of Peace and World Security Studies.

Co-sponsored by: United for Justice with Peace, American Friends Service Committee, Harvard Peace Action and Mass Peace Action.

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