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Israel Social TV sheds some light on the Druze suffering

Israel Social TV sheds some light on the Druze suffering

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Militarization is one aspect of Israeli society that AFSC is trying to challenge through its Israel Program. Israel Social TV, which works to promote social change and rights tries to mobilize its viewers towards activism and a more democratic society.

This month, the voice of the Druze Palestinian group was amplified through the production of a series of five episodes ( which look at how the Druze community is fragmented from the rest of Palestinians and how marginalized a group they have become. The Druze community is subject to mandatory conscription in the Israeli Army creating a rift between the Druze and fellow Palestinians living inside Israel.

AFSC funded the production of this video as part of its Israel Program and hopes to  expose the youth to other alternatives other than national and civil service. Both the human and economic costs of the military budget needs to be challenged so that the dominant narrative of linking citizenship, militarization and security is changed.

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