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Iowans say pull the Pentagon pork

Pull the Pentagon pork budget rally 2-28-13


DES MOINES - (CPM News Services, 2/28/13) - A group of Iowans heeded the call of the American Friends Service Committee and Catholic Peace Ministry to assemble in front of 1900 Grand Avenue, to protest 'sequestration' that will cut education programs. The gathering was in front of a Gateway Education facility that is scheduled for closing as a result of budget cuts.

Holding a 25-foot banner, the assembled group (see 'Flicker' photos) told reporters from WOI - TV 5 and Cityview newspaper that the visual of the Federal Discretionary Budget tells the story.

"We need to cut the Pentagon budget and transfer the money to human needs, said Kathleen McQuillen of AFSC Iowa. "Our real security likes not in war but in meeting the needs of people."

Aaron Jorgensen-Briggs of Catholic Peace Ministry said the U.S. needed to move beyond "a permanent war economy."

Jeffrey J Weiss added that perpetual war is a rejection of the Gospel of Jesus and supports a "culture of death over life."

The 'budget sequestration' set to take March 1 will make cuts of more than $80 billion from the Federal Discretionary Budget, proportionally equal across the board by agency.

Because the Pentagon swallows half the Federal Disretionary Budget (as the banner depicted in the photograph shows), war cuts will amount to $40 billion. Weapons contractors like Lockheed - Martin, however, will be exempt from the budget cuts and many of them will hit lower-level personnel.

The Catholic Peace Ministry advocates a conversion to a civilian economy where employees of the Pentagon are transferred into constructive sectors of the economy. CPM also considers militarism a rejection of the Sermon on the Mount and envisions a world without violence.

Another budget banner video:

Jeffrey J Weiss
Catholic Peace Ministry
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