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Temporary Protected Status (TPS)


Temporary Protected Status grants protection from deportation to people from certain countries that are afflicted by natural disasters, war, or other dangerous conditions.

Since taking office, President Trump has ended TPS for over 300,000 immigrants. 

Join us to save TPS and call on Congress to create a roadmap to citizenship for all immigrants. 

Take action today. 

What you need to know about TPS

Learn more about how this program helps families and communities across the U.S. — and the potential consequences of the Trump administration's recent decisions.



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5 things you should know about the court decision on TPS

Congressional action is needed today to protect hundreds of thousands of TPS holders from deportation.


AFSC condemns court decision to strip status of TPS holders, calls on Congress to Act

This court decision is doubling down on the Trump administration’s anti-immigrant policy agenda, leaving nearly 300,000 TPS holders vulnerable to family separation and mass deportation.


Year in review: Organizing to save Temporary Protected Status (TPS)

We look at how—with your support—we have helped strengthen this movement and what we can expect in 2020. 


Victory in pushing back against Trump's anti-immigrant agenda

We’re gaining ground in our work to protect our community members from detention and deportation.

Washington Post

How activists enacted TPS — and how they can save it

A look back at the origins of TPS, one of the country’s most essential humanitarian protections. 


Congress is considering legislation to protect TPS, DED, and DACA

Here’s what you need to know and how you can take action.


Resisting Trump’s attacks on TPS

As hundreds of thousands of immigrants face the risk of deportation, communities continue to push back against Trump’s racist agenda.


Two immigrant groups under attack by Trump have one message: We belong here

TPS holders and DACA recipients unite to demand action from Congress. 


Immigrants make "Journey 4 Justice"

Hear stories from some of the people traveling across the country to protect this life-saving program.


Why we must defend TPS

After a devastating earthquake in Nepal, TPS helped my family and friends move forward.  

Take action today

Take action

Tell Congress to support immigrants with Temporary Protected Status (TPS)

Tell Congress to protect this vital program. 

Download posters

Print out these posters for your next action or to show support in your community. 


What TPS means for me

Watch stories from TPS holders and their families:

Press releases

Read AFSC statements on TPS decisions for:

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