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What are Testimonies and Queries?


Quakers believe in living life in the spirit of love and truth and peace, reaching for the best in oneself and answering “that of God” in everyone. Quaker testimonies are expressions of the commitment to put those beliefs into practice.

The testimonies bear witness to the truth, as Friends in community perceive it— truth known through relationship with God. They do not exist in any rigid, written form; nor are they imposed in any way. Each Quaker searches for how the testimonies can best be expressed in his or her own life.

While attempting to live in concert with these teachings, Quakers are tender with themselves and with each other when they fall short, ready to recommit and try again.


Quakers use queries for personal reflection, self-examination, or spirited discussion. We have included queries throughout our Introduction to Quaker Testimonies, inviting us to examine the testimonies in light of our own convictions and life experiences.

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