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Youth Undoing Institutional Racism in Pittsburgh

YUIR Weekend Participant Break Out Session Photo: AFSC Pittsburgh / AFSC
Sheba Gittens, 2017-18 Padosi Fellow Photo: Sheba Gittens / AFSC

AFSC Pittsburgh just wrapped up our most successful YUIR Weekend ever which took place November 10-12. Our fifth of such anti-racist trainings in Pittsburgh for youth, we had 37 youth and adults participate over two and a half days. It was a powerful weekend! Facilitators included Youth Leader, Karistan Clay and YUIR Padosi Fellow, Sheba Gittens along with AFSC staff, Amanda Gross and Program Committee Chair, Felicia Savage Friedman. In addition to building a shared analysis that comes out of work done by the People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond, we integrated themes of self-care and creative expression with a collage visioning project entitled A Pittsburgh without Racism. We were excited to partner with the Homewood Brushton YMCA. Teaching artists from the YMCA Lighthouse Project led activities aimed at reframing the negative associations with Blackness and also created a sound collage based on reflections from the training.


We welcome Sheba Gittens, Padosi Fellow who will be working with YUIR Pittsburgh for the 2017-18 program year. Sheba Gittens is Brooklyn born by way of the Caribbean. She is a Yoga Teacher in Training, heArt Educator, and Lover. She is, as you are: filled with just enough of we.

The 2017-18 YUIR program year is up and going. Bi-weekly YUIR meetings offer a creative and healing space for youth to continue building their analysis and organizing tools for anti-racist change. Our program year runs from November - June. At YUIR, youth will choose a campaign focus, use creative and artistic expression, and practice self-care strategies in order to sustain healthy holistic humanistic organizing.

 Undoing Racism for Adults and Elders - In addition to our youth-focused work, we are working to bring the People’s Institute Undoing Racism training for adults to Pittsburgh again this spring. We are seeking potential partners, donors, and participants to help make this happen. Please contact Amanda, with any ideas for organizations or individuals who might be interested.