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Young Palestinians promote HP boycott campaign in the West Bank, Gaza, and Israel

A group of young Palestinians recently took to the streets in the West Bank (including Jerusalem), Gaza, and Arraba, Israel, to get more support for the international boycott of Hewlett-Packard (HP). It's part of the economic activism that's challenging the systems that sustain and profit from occupation and violence in Israel and the occupied Palestinian territory.

The young people are part of AFSC's Palestine Youth: Together for Change (PYTC) project. These young movers (mutaharkeen) are pushing for free access and movement in Palestine, and standing against the fragmentation of Palestinian identity and society. The HP boycott campaign was an eye-opener for many people, who became more aware of HP’s complicity in human rights violations. For example, HP provides Israel with biometric equipment used to control the movement of Palestinians at checkpoints. The outreach campaign by the PYTC youth influenced some students to boycott HP products.


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