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Windows and Mirrors: The War in Afghanistan

Mural Panel from Windows and Mirrors:  The War in Afghanistan, by Art Hazelwood and Juan Fuentes. Photo: AFSC

After months of preparation, AFSC is launching Windows and Mirrors: Reflections on the War in Afghanistan.

This touring exhibit includes 45 unique 4-foot by 6-foot panels created by artists memorializing Afghan civilian casualties, alongside images about living with war collected from Afghan schoolchildren.  The exhibit opens in Philadelphia on October 7, the ninth anniversary of the war, and will include public programs each week.

We conceived this project to help us all understand the human cost of war in Afghanistan.  Estimates of civilian casualties over the course of the war range from 8,768 to 28,360. Using a military formula that one civilian death creates ten new enemies, we have created between 87,680 and 283,600 new enemies.

In Windows and Mirrors, the eyes of artists and children become “windows” through which we see the reality of war. They also become “mirrors” reflecting back to us our own identity as a nation at war.

 If you think your community would be interested in hosting the exhibit at some point, please contact Mary Zerkel ( ) for more information.

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