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What you need to know about “Changing Systems, Changing Ourselves”

Frequently asked questions

Q. What does it mean to sign up to be a “group leader,” and what will group leaders be responsible for?

Group leaders sign up to do logistical coordination for their team - this means pulling together your team, making sure everyone on your team gets registered, arranging where to meet for the sessions (it should be a space that has internet and possibly a projector), bringing the group together monthly for the homework activity, and making sure that people in your group that miss a session catch up. We are here to support and happy to talk to potential group leaders that need some help figuring out how to create and recruit a team.


Q. My group would like to participate but some of us can’t make the time, or we can’t all meet in person to watch together at that time. What should we do?

We understand that not everyone will be able to attend every session. We will have recorded videos for those that can’t join us live (only for registered participants, not the public) and if the timing means that some groups need to join individually from home, rather than do it together in person, that’s also an option. We ask that if this time doesn’t work for you to meet in person, that you at least plan a time on your own schedules to meet to do the homework activity between sessions.


Q. Is this program going to answer logistical and legal questions about sanctuary?

No - this program is focused on anti-racist practice and partnership in the context of immigrant solidarity organizing. The practical application sessions on sanctuary, accompaniment, and visitation at the end will include some best practices. There are already many fantastic resources out there that address these questions. If this is what you are looking for, we recommend the following:

The National Sanctuary Movement website:

The Interfaith Sanctuary Toolkit: (There is also a UU-specific version for UU Congregations here)

Watch the two-part Webinar from UURise & the UU College of Social Justice:


Q. Is there a cost for the program?

No, it is offered free of charge - but donations are always welcome to the sponsoring organizations.


Q. My group has talked about sanctuary and/or accompaniment, but we aren’t doing anything yet. Is this program right for us?

Yes - even if you are at the beginning of the process, this program will be useful by providing examples and considerations that will help you as you plan. 


Q. My group is very active in sanctuary and/or accompaniment already. Is this program right for us?

Yes - we will be using real-life scenarios that some of you will likely have experienced, so it will be particularly valuable for groups already active in sanctuary, accompaniment, and detention visitation.


Q. What time commitment should I expect?

Each session will be 90 minutes long, and plan to spend another 90 minutes each month doing the group homework activity. The basic commitment is therefore 3 hours a month for 5 months, although we anticipate that you will also be putting time into your local solidarity work on top of the E-course. 


Q. I would love to participate but I do not have a group. Can I join?

While we are prioritizing access for groups that are already working together locally, as long as we have additional space we will welcome individuals to join. We can also potentially help you connect with a virtual team, or a nearby group to join.


Q. Will you be offering closed captioning for the hearing impaired?

Yes - we will have closed captions and a transcript available afterwards.

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