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Tyree Scott Leadership Institute

Tyree Scott Photo: AFSC

The Tyree Scott Leadership Institute (Freedom School) is a powerful participatory experience for young people designed to inspire a lifetime of community involvement. Youth analyze the systems that perpetuate violence and injustice and learn about social change movements, empowering them to promote racial justice, human rights and peace.

What can you do to end racism?

At the Freedom School We: 

  • Explore the systemic roots of poverty
  • Learn how race and racism was constructed in the United States
  • Analyze institutional oppression
  • Explore the impact of Global Economics
  • Learn about the Prison Industrial Complex
  • Examine the impact of militarism
  • Go on field trips to explore the history of communities of color in the Seattle area
  • and develop non-violent anti-racist community organizing skills

Learn the history you’re not taught in school.

Youth Undoing Institutional Racism and Juvenile Justice
The Community Justice Program and partners will conduct a Freedom School in the King County...

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