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Twin Cities staffer honored

Shanene Herbert is Healing Justice Program Director for AFSC's Twin Cities Office. Photo: AFSC

Shanene Herbert, director of AFSC’s Healing Justice Program in the Twin Cities, is one of four people honored recently by the McKnight Foundation and the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits. “Shanene has worked with young people of color and their parents in educational settings across the Twin Cities,” according to the announcement, helping them “navigate pathways to success and slowly chip away at the cradle-to-prison pipeline.”

While Shanene is hesitant to call herself a hero, she sees her efforts as “heartwork,” which she would do regardless of compensation or acknowledgement. She sees her work inside and outside of AFSC as deep organizing, connecting with the community in a number of ways.

The 2019 awardess will be recognized at the 2019 MCN Annual Conference on Thursday, October 24 in Rochester at the Mayo Civic Center.

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