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A 'Thank You' from a MAAP Recipient

A 'Thank You' from a MAAP Recipient

Published: December 19, 2016


Photo: AFSC

It’s been a busy few months at MAAP.  My volunteers and I have been hard at work helping folks prepare for the cold weather, outfitting them with coats, winter accessories and boots that we have been collecting since the spring and storing in the basements and garages of generous community members. Every day I hear wonderful words of gratitude from the folks MAAP serves and supports and I'd like to pass along a message of gratitude from Ms. Bennett, one of the 283 recipients MAAP served during October and November of 2016.

Yours in Peace,                                                                                                                                                                       Cassie Hurd

“I’ve been coming to MAAP for the past few years and every time people have brought in just what I needed, from socks to blankets. Today, I came in for boots and a coat so I’ll be ready when it gets real cold. Just as I was sitting here having my coffee and cake, a woman walked in with boots that fit me perfectly, and I’d already found a coat that fit.  It is just incredible!  It’s humbling to ask for help, but I so enjoy coming here to shop and spend time with the people.  I’m a retired teacher; I taught my students the importance of sharing knowledge and resources, and to be generous and kind.  It seems to me that you folks who bring things here must have had wonderful teachers who taught these same lessons. Thank you".