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Ten Tons of Peace Come to Des Moines

Path of Peace sculpture in Des Moines
From left, Chet Guinn, Sue Dinsdale and scultptor Ron Dinsdale stand by "Path of Peace," a ten-ton limestone sculpture depicting three entwined doves. For more photos of the installation, click here. Photo: Jon Krieg / AFSC

Des Moines has a new sculpture dedicated to peace and peacemakers, thanks to Iowa artist Ron Dinsdale, a group of dedicated activists, and officials with the Des Moines Area Community College (DMACC). The ten-ton limestone portrayal of three doves, named “Path of Peace,” was installed on May 10, 2012 near Interstate 235 just south of DMACC’s Urban Campus.

Laura Douglas, DMACC Provost, was enthusiastic about the message conveyed by the sculpture. Douglas said that DMACC’s students represent a “tremendous diversity of ethnicities, religions, nationalities and ages, a microcosm of humanity striving for a better life and world of understanding and peace.”

Chet Guinn, a long-time peace activist and driving force behind the non-profit Iowa Peacemakers Monument, was all smiles as the crane lifted the sculpture to its base. Guinn said the Peacemakers group is still seeking donations for the monument, which will be dedicated on September 21, the World Day of Peace.

The sculpture was created out of a solid 14-ton block of Indiana Bedford limestone, the same material used to construct the Iowa Statehouse in the late 1880s. The sculpture site will be enhanced by landscaping and lights.

A resident of Huxley, Iowa, Dinsdale is a humanistic teacher and storyteller who hopes his work will stimulate others’ appreciation of life and the environment.

Several members of the crowd watching the installation spoke of the hope they feel in seeing peace promoted in their community. “Our culture glorifies war to such an awful extent,” said one person, “so it’s wonderful see peace lifted up on this beautiful scale.”