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Take Action for Healing Justice in California!

 Legislation supported by AFSC is on California Governor Jerry Brown's desk, awaiting his signature before the end of September. Please call or write the governor today to support these important measures.

AB 3131: Accountability for Militarized Police Equipment

Police and sheriff departments across California acquire military-grade equipment from tank-like armored vehicles to assault weapons to sonic weapons that make communities into enemy territory. Some of the equipment comes as surplus directly from the Pentagon, while police departments purchase other equipment with local funds, often with no awareness in the local community.

AB 3131 requires local police departments to report on military-grade equipment they have acquired or plan to acquire and to create a public use policy for that equipment. It is an important step toward local democratic decision-making over moves to militarize police in our communities.

Please send the governor a message today asking him to sign AB 3131.

SB 1437: Major Changes in Felony Murder lLaw

Under the felony-murder rule, individuals involved in the commission of a felony can be charged with murder if someone is killed in the commission of that felony. Even if they had no knowledge a killing was to take place or intent to kill anyone, individuals participating in the felony are treated as if they committed the murder themselves.

 SB 1437 would prevent participants in specified felonies from being held liable for murder, “unless the person was the actual killer, or the person was not the actual killer but, with the intent to kill, aided, abetted, counseled, commanded, induced, solicited, requested, or assisted the actual killer.” The reform does not apply to anyone who “was a major participant in the underlying felony and acted with reckless indifference to human life.”

Please send the governor a message today asking him to sign SB 1437!

SB 1391: Trying Youth As Adults

SB 1391 recognizes that trying youth in adult courts and subjecting them to adult punishment is overly punitive and inherently harmful. This bill seeks to end the transfer of 14- and 15-year-olds into adult criminal court. By retaining younger youth in the juvenile justice system where education and rehabilitative services are mandated, SB 1391 ensures that youth under 16 have the chance to grow, heal, and return safely to their communities.

Please send Gov. Brown a message asking him to sign this important bill.

Send a written message through the governor’s web page here.
Call the governor's office by phone (916) 445-2841

Sample script: “Hello, my name is ___ As a resident of California, I am calling to voice my strong support for ___(bill name). Policing and the criminal justice system in California need to be more equitable and just. ___ (bill name) will help California make positive changes that will have a lasting effect on families and communities.

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