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Stand with Syrian Refugees & Stand for Hope

Ahmad Al-Abboud, member of the first Syrian refugee family to be settled in the U.S., expressed his appreciation and thanks to Kansas City at the May 19th "Confronting Extremist Violence, the Refugee Crisis, and Fear: Faith Responses" Interfaith forum organized by the American Friends Service Committee and co-sponsored by 25 area organizations.   Photo: / AFSC

We invite you to  Stand With the People of Syria, Refugees and People of All Faiths

We believe that hope for the future, rests in being true to our faith values and the values of our Nation. This necessitates that we change the way we respond to human suffering, extremist violence and the fear that it creates.

Our mass media and some of our leaders exaggerate the threat of terrorism and by their biased reporting and other actions promote the scapegoating of all Muslims, immigrants, refugees, the poor and other marginalized.

As Dr. Martin Luther King explained, “All men (and women) are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality…What affects one directly, affects all indirectly.”  This truth is visibly playing out in the world.

While we may succeed at killing a suspected terrorist, we lose the good will of people across the world. When we take anti-Muslim actions, we recruit more to extremist causes. While fear blinds some to the human suffering resulting from the destabilization resulting from the Iraq and Afghan wars, we must not let it obstruct our compassion.

Click this link to sign the Stand With the People of Syria, Refugees and People of All Faiths

Thank you for your interest and willingness to support a hopeful and positive narrative about violence, refugees, faith and hope for the future. 

Click this link for a flyer about the Solidarity Campaign and Statement