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St. Louis youth write op-eds

Students reflect on divesting from racist and punitive measures--and investing in schools and communities

St. Louis Youth Council
St. Louis Youth Council Photo: / AFSC

AFSC St. Louis hosted a workshop in August 2021 with our Youth Council members and built skills around op-ed writing. Three have submitted their reflections on varying issues tied to divestment from racist and punitive measures--and investment in schools and communities:

Sixth-grader Yosyiah Griffin examines why schools should invest in real student safety and educational enhancements rather than metal detectors.

Seventh-grader Grace Griffin writes about the lack of healthy food in her community and how that impacts student learning.

Tenth-grader Cailan Wooten says the real threat to Missouri classrooms isn’t Critical Race Theory, but instead the racist school-to-prison pipeline..


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