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Speaker bios: Obliterated Families

Join AFSC for "Obliterated Families: Intimate Portraits of Gaza's Lost," a speaking tour featuring photojournalist Anne Paq and journalist Ala Qandil. The tour runs from April 2-May 10. See the complete schedule


Speaker bios:

Anne Paq 

Families Obliterated Speaking tour: Anne Paq (center, holding camera). Courtesy photo

Anne Paq is an award-winning freelance photographer and videographer who had lived for more than a decade in Palestine. She has been a member of Activestills photo collective since 2006. Her work has been exhibited worldwide and published in various media outlets such as The New York Times Lens, Paris Match, le Nouvel Observateur, Stern, and the Guardian.

Her work includes documentation of the Palestinian refugees and popular resistance, the Israeli military offensive on Gaza (2012), subcultures and artists in Gaza. She has also led many many participatory media projects in the the West Bank, Jerusalem and Gaza.

She has co-directed the short film "Bethlehem checkpoint, 4 am," co-produced the award-winning documentary "Flying Paper," and co-directed "Return to Seifa" and "Gaza: A Gaping Wound." In 2014, she documented the Israeli military operation "Protective Edge" and its aftermath in the Gaza Strip.

She is the co-author of the award-winning web documentary "Obliterated Families," which tells the story of the families whose lives were shattered by the 2014 Israeli offensive. In 2017, she won the International Photographer of the Year award, in the editorial documentary section.


Ala Qandil

Families Obliterated Speaking tour: Ala Qandil (center, taking notes). Courtesy photo

Ala Qandil is a Polish-Palestinian journalist, a former correspondent of the Polish Press Agency, who had been covering for more than three years political, social, historical and cultural stories from Palestine/Israel and other countries in the region, with special focus on human rights issues, women rights, minorities, nonviolent resistance, and including the previous two Israeli military offensives in the Gaza Strip.

Qandil has worked with various international and Polish media, including Al Jazeera English and the Middle East Eye, a number of weekly magazines, and she often appeared as a guest commentator on Polish radio and TV.

She produced and co-directed a short documentary about food resistance in Palestine "Resistance Recipes." Qandil is a co-founder of Reporters' Collective, an initiative of Polish writers based in Middle East, Africa, and Asia, whose goal is to bring quality, in-depth foreign reporting on global issues to Polish audience. During the last two years, in between the work on the "Obliterated Families," she had reported from the Balkan route and Greece on the stories of refugees arriving in Europe. 


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