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Snow Not Enough to Stop Call for Diplomacy with Iran

Snow falls on Des Moines rally calling for diplomacy with Iran
Neither wind nor snow (nor the prospect of a tasty potluck lunch) deter two dozen Iowans from rallying in downtown Des Moines on February 4, 2012. Members of Occupy Des Moines joined other peace activists in calling for diplomacy rather than war with Iran. For a slideshow of images from the rally and lunch, click here. Photo: Karla Hansen / AFSC

On a snowy Saturday morning recently, nearly two dozen Occupy Des Moines members and peace activists rallied in downtown Des Moines to call for diplomacy rather than war with Iran. The rally was part of a nationwide campaign to halt momentum for military action against Iran. As quoted in the Des Moines Register, protester Jane Alderman said, "We finally ended one war [i.e. with Iraq]. We just can't get into another one."

Following the rally, Catholic Peace Ministry and AFSC Iowa hosted a potluck luncheon featuring Iranian and American fare. The gathering offered a chance for Occupiers and peace activists to get to know each other better while contacting their U.S. Senators about the need for diplomacy with Iran. People signed postcards from the Friends Committee on National Legislation (FCNL) which urged their senator to--

  • Reject calls for military action against Iran.
  • Reject broad sanctions like an oil embargo or sanctioning the Central Bank of Iran....
  • Heed Admiral Mullen's call to establish a channel for U.S.-Iran communications....