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Sanctuary Movement Leader’s Partner Granted Bond

Photo: / AFSC

Eliseo Jurado Fernandez to speak at GEO Detention Center vigil

DENVER, CO (February 5, 2018) Eliseo Jurado Fernandez was granted bond after being held for over three weeks in a for-profit immigrant detention facility in Aurora. Eliseo is the partner of Ingrid Encalada Latorre, a leader in Colorado’s sanctuary movement who is currently in sanctuary at the Unitarian Universalist Church in Boulder.  ICE targeted him as part of a broader crackdown on leaders in the sanctuary movement.

“I’m relieved Eliseo is coming home, but this is about more than my family, my fight, immigrant rights,” said Ingrid Encalada Latorre. “This is about attempts by this Administration to intimidate those fighting for human dignity and human rights, from DREAM activists to Women’s Rights and press covering protesters. For that reason my family won’t be silenced. We will continue this fight.”

Tonight at 6:00pm MT, Eliseo will join his family, faith communities, and supporters at the annual “Love Knows No Borders, No Walls” vigil in front of the GEO Detention Center (3130 Oakland Street, Aurora CO).

“We do this vigil to show our love for community members imprisoned by our immigration laws and insist Congress must act now for the Right to Remain, for the walls of detention and death to come down,” explains Rev. Kelly Dignan of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Boulder. “We'll hold DREAMers and TPS holders, and all people who are undocumented or targeted in our hearts.”

Eliseo’s supporters celebrated his bond today, but have continued to speak out about the unjust detention of movement leaders and their supporters. Immigration and Customs Enforcement targeted immigrant rights activists earlier this year, including on their way home from actions. This month, ICE detained or began deportation proceedings against four immigrants associated with or leading calls criticizing ICE and detention (Jean Montrevil, Ravi Ragbir, Eliseo Jurado Fernandez and Maru Mora Villalpando).

“We are pleased the judge recognized Eliseo’s place in our community and approved bond,” explained Jennifer Piper, Interfaith Organizer for the American Friends Service Committee in Colorado. “The targeting of family members of those in deportation is unconscionable. ICE targeted Eliseo because of his connection to Ingrid, pulling his truck over on a public street and detaining him illegally without a judicial warrant. Eliseo has lived in the U.S. for over half his life and is deeply integrated into the community here. His detention represented a cruel and sad attempt to intimidate immigrant leaders and their supporters. We invite the community to join us in insisting Congress act to change this system and keep folks like Eliseo where they belong, here.”

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