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San Francisco Centennial

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For 100 years, AFSC has worked with, learned from, and inspired social change leaders. This is an accomplishment worth celebrating! Please join us for an exciting day of justice workshops discussing how to wage peace in our current political climate, conversation and reflection, music and spoken word, and great food!

At the First Unitarian Church of Oakland (685 14th St, Oakland, CA 94612)

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Tentative Schedule: 

10:00 am - Centennial Displays, Hall of Fame, and Silent Auction open (Refreshments served)

10:30 am - Opening Program and Welcome

11:00 am - First Round of Program Workshops (open to all)

12:30 pm - Lunch Reception

1:30 pm - Second Round of Program Workshops (open to all)

3:00 pm - Plenary Celebration 

  • Performance by La Gente
  • General Secretary Address
  • AFSC Through the Years
  • Performance by Emma's Revolution



67 Sueños "Youth leaders building community power through art and cross racial solidarity"  

67 Sueños youth will discuss how they utilize various forms art for social justice change.  They will also reflect on their efforts to bridge cross racial solidarity, especially combating anti-black racism in their own communities, as a powerful non-violent form of resistance and power building.    


Economic Activism "People Power vs. Corporate Power"  

Corporations have economic and political power that at times overwhelms us. Led by profit, they become some of the main drivers of exploitation, repression, violence and war around the world. How can people take on large corporations… and win? 

What makes for an effective boycott? What is divestment and how does it work? The workshop will collect lessons from successful campaigns by students and churches, indigenous communities and responsible investors, targeting corporate profiteers on issues ranging from the Israeli occupation (BDS) to mass incarceration, immigrant detention, surveillance, and walls. 


Pan Valley Institute’s “Where We Started and Where We Are” 

In order to share about the work that Pan Valley is currently doing, we feel that we need to frame it in the context of where we started and where we are today. What type of work did we focus on back in 1955 when AFSC arrived in the Central Valley and created Proyecto Campesino? What is the scope of the work we are focused on today and is it following the approach and beliefs of AFSC to date? We will include in our workshop a section on the history of AFSC’s arrival to the Central Valley with a presentation by Eduardo Stanley on Proyecto Campesino’s and Stockton’s impact focusing on how they have lead the way to the founding of Pan Valley Institute and where it’s at today. We will answer questions like, “How does popular education and cultural organizing tie to social change?” and demonstrate a couple of exercises that will illustrate PVI’s practice of popular education.


Healing Justice "Justice as Restoration"

Laura Magnani will start off the workshop giving an overview of the Healing Justice Program from past to present and how the trajectory of the work has shifted from direct service work to systematic change. Healing Justice is currently working on Mass Incarceration, Police Militarization, Solitary Confinement and Restorative Justice. Fatimeh Khan will be holding a circle with others experienced in Restorative Justice to not only explain what Restorative Justice is, but what it looks like in practice.


"AFSC Presents"

A collection of documentaries from AFSC's work followed by open discussion.

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